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Grandma, Here's Your Weed



    Grandma, Here's Your Weed

    Three men were arrested after a drug task force found 6 pounds of marijuana in the mail.

    A package addressed from "Grandpa Henderson" in San Diego and sent to "Grandma Henderson" in Talladega, Ala., wasn't ordinary mail, and it wasn't picked up by any grandmother.
    The package aroused suspicions among Talladega postal inspectors, who contacted the Talladega County drug task force. Task force commander Jason Murray says a trained drug-detection dog singled out the package, and law enforcement officers waited for someone to pick it up.

    "Our dog alerted on the packages, and we waited for someone to come pick them up,” Murray told the Alabama-based Daily Home newspaper.
    Three men did that Saturday. They were stopped after they left the post office, and officers found more than 6 pounds of marijuana in the package.

    "He did use the last name Henderson, but he did not sign as Grandma," Murray told the paper.
    Murray said the three have been charged with trafficking in marijuana.