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Get a Ticket, Get Instant Justice



    Get a Ticket, Get Instant Justice
    Francisco Quiroz

    If you get a ticket near the beach this holiday weekend, you may get a dose of "Instant Justice."

    People who receive certain non-traffic infractions or misdemeanors in the Pacific Beach, Mission Beach or Mission Bay Park areas will have the opportunity to complete five hours of community service by picking up trash along the beach on July 5, the City Attorney's office said.

    The program is run by the Beach Area Community court and Discover Pacific Beach. The idea is to have offenders pick up trash in beach areas hardest hit by the holiday crowds.

    Participants only need to show up to at 1503 Garnet Avenue on July 5th at 9 a.m. with $40 cash or cashier's check, valid photo id and their citation.

    "Due to the high number of offenders on the 4th of July holiday weekend, this is a great way for those who are cited to give back to our beach community by performing community work service at the beach and instantly receive the benefit of criminal charges not being filed against them." said Chief Deputy City Attorney Regan Savalla.

    The idea behind the program is intervention, diversion and reducing recidivism, the City Attorney's office said.