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Encinitas Mayor Accused of Kitchen "Kick Back"



    Encinitas Mayor Accused of Kitchen "Kick Back"

    Two people who've recently been active in Encinitas civic issues called for Mayor Dan Dalager's resignation Wednesday after news surfaced that the mayor obtained discounted kitchen appliances last year from a man who later had a project come before the City Council.

    According to our media partners the North County Times, Dalager doesn't believe he did anything wrong by buying kitchen equipment from San Digeo's Aztec Appliance in October 2009. He's asking the state Fair Political Practices Commission to review what happened.

    "I'm going to put everything out there, any document they want to see," Dalager told the paper.

    An invoice that Dalager gave to the North County Times states that he paid $50 for the Frigidaire electric coil cook top; $62.93 for the Frigidaire electric wall oven; and $25 for a white under-cabinet range hood.

    Prices for a comparable range hood online vary from just under $80 to just over $100; while the electric cook top could be had for $295 on Amazon.com; and the electric oven could be had on the same site for $740.99, the paper reported.

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