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District to Rescind Layoff Notices



    District to Rescind Layoff Notices
    From Boston and New York to Chicago and San Francisco, jobless hoards are drowning their sorrows with a cocktail and mingling at Pink Slip Parties. Now they're coming to Connecticut.

    Firing dozens of teachers won’t save the money first predicted and so one local school district is “taking back” layoff notices sent out last month.

    The Escondido Union School District is rescinding layoff notices sent to teachers last month, according to our media partners the North County Times.

    Under a plan to trim $11.3 million from its budget, the Escondido Union School District initially decided to cut 84 positions.

    Bob Leon, deputy superintendent of human resources told the paper that the overall effects of the layoffs would not pay off.

    "We're looking at other cost-saving pieces to make other reductions," he said about alternative cuts. "Right now the board is still actively involved with negotiations in relations to employee concessions."

    Read more about the decision to hang on to teachers and how the Poway Unified School District is close to doing the same in the full article in the North County Times.