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Details Emerge from Mansion Victim Autopsy

New details emerge from Rebecca Zahau's autopsy



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    On September 2, officials released new photos of the scene inside a Coronado home where Rebbecca Zahau, 35, was found hanging from a balcony with her arms and legs tied on July 13. Police ruled the death a suicide in a press conference on Sept. 2.

    The Medical Examiner’s Office has released new details about Rebecca Zahau’s condition following her death. Zahau was found dead earlier this summer, hanging nude from a balcony in the Spreckels mansion.

    Officials recently classified Zahau’s death as a suicide, after more than a month of investigation.

    Blood was found on her inner thighs, which medical examiner Dr. Jonathan Lucas believes to be menses or spotting due to an Intrauterine Device since there was no genital trauma. A small amount of blood was also noted on her big toes.

    They reported sticky material that appeared similar to tape residue on her left shin and right lower leg.  Minor bruises on the right side of her scalp were also seen, and Lucas believes she may have struck her head on the balcony when hanging.

    The T‐shirt that was around her neck had a portion originally in her mouth that was removed by
    the person who found her, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported.

    Lucas noted that some findings cannot be entirely explained, and none of the observations listed above are inconsistent with the conclusions reached regarding the cause of Zahau’s death.