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Chula Vista Investigating Controversial Club



    Chula Vista Investigating Controversial Club

    New documents reveal that the club owners of a controversial club in Chula Vista may have tricked city leaders into thinking the business was a Comedy Club instead of a strip club.

    In documents given to NBC 7 by the Chula Vista mayor's office - the strip club is referred to as a "Cabaret Theater" and "Comedy Club.”

    The city says they were led to believe it was going to be a comedy club based on one year of verbal and written communications which includes the tenant improvement documents required for remodeling.

    "Mayor Cox and many members of our community are taking this issue seriously," said Chula Vista spokesperson Ian Monohan in an email. "This business used tactics that misrepresented its true operational intentions."

    Controversial Strip Club Opens in Chula Vista

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    A new strip club that opened in Chula Vista has city officials fuming. NBC 7's Todd Strain speaks to the owner of the strip club about the recent reactions to his new South Bay business.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 8, 2012)

    In the plans there are renderings for a sign on the building that says "Comedy Club" - but when the business opened Monday the only sign was the one in the parking lot for "eye candy showgirls"

    An investigation is now underway with city leaders calling the club's owners dishonest and the dancing a violation of their business license.

    The club owner didn’t speak to NBC 7 today, but earlier this week said the property is zoned for a "cabaret theater" license, which is what he has.

    A South Bay woman claims she responded to an online Craigslist ad - titled "Comedy Club opening soon" with positions including bartenders and waitresses.

    She went for an interview and made it to a second round where she was told that she'd have to wear a skimpy outfit.

    She was shocked earlier this week when she drove by the same building where she had interviews and saw the sign for "Eye Candy Showgirls.”

    The location of the building is very high-profile in the ongoing request for South Bay redevelopment.

    Monohan said the city will continue to gather information on the property.