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Local Stores See Drop in Cantaloupe Sales

Despite having healthy cantaloupes, local merchants say their customers are afraid to buy



    Local Stores See Drop in Cantaloupe Sales
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    Cantaloupes are displayed in a produce market .

    Timothy Quinn says the cantaloupes in his store are perfectly safe but sales are still down nearly 25 percent.

    "People ask all the time because they hear something, they think all of them are bad," said Timothy Quinn with Stumps Family Marketplace in Point Loma. 

    But Quinn says his fruit comes from California farms -- not from the Colorado farm that is linked to a listeria outbreak.

    So far, at least 16 deaths have been linked to the cantaloupe. The nationwide recall of fruit is the worst outbreak in more than 10 years. The cantaloupe comes from Jensen Farms of Holly, Colorado. 

    Cantaloupe Sales Drop After Scare

    [DGO] Cantaloupe Sales Drop After Scare
    One store owner said sales of his cantaloupe dropped 25 percent after the listeria scare.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011)

    Even though there has been no other farm linked to the recall, shoppers are hesitant to buy the melons at Stumps.

    "I think I'd stay away just to be on the safe side," said shopper Caroline Januario.  But shopper Elynor Snyder is convinced there is not problem.

    "It's been all over the news so I'm pretty confident," said Snyder.