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Brkng Up Hard 2do?

A new survey suggests social media users do not use technology to break up with significant others, but do use it to announce new relationships



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    Long gone are the days of spotting someone across a crowded room and going through hurdles to get their attention, much less their number.

    Nope, social media has become a great accelerator for exposing you to potential dates, but according to a new survey the new technology doesn’t change the basic way people interact with each other.

    The research company Lab42 took the pulse of singles and the happily attached, conducting a survey between Oct. 27 and Oct. 30 for which they asked 500 social network users over age 18 about meeting, cheating, and communicating in the age of Facebook.

    Of those surveyed, 67% said they never broke up with anyone via text, email or Facebook.  About 60% said they would never use technology to do the break-up deed.

    Announcing the break-up is a different story.

    Just over half - about 52% - of those surveyed said they immediately updated their relationship status on Facebook. Thirty-eight percent immediately alerted friends that they are in a new relationship.

    After meeting someone respondents were interested in, 57% became Facebook friends with them, 29% researched them on social networks, 26% Googled them and 11% followed them on Twitter.

    For those currently in relationships, 38% said they send 11 or more text messages a day and 65% use text to communicate with their partner throughout the day. About two-thirds said they would - or already do - post romantic messages on the significant other’s Facebook wall.

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