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Border Patrol's Latest Capture



    Border Patrol's Latest Capture
    United States Border Patrol

    Agents came to the rescue of two marine mammals earlier this week.

    The seal and sea lion were found shortly after noon on Tuesday by some passers-by, who told the Border Patrol about them. The marine mammals were found by agents near the U.S.-Mexico border. When agents arrived, the sea lion tried to re-enter the ocean but soon washed ashore about 200 yards away. The agents believed the sea lion had hurt a flipper, so they called Sea World .

    Soon after, the agents saw another marine mammal wash ashore about 100 yards south, this time a seal. 

    After Mike Glenn of Sea World’s Stranded Animal Rescue Unit arrived, he checked the animals out and determined they both needed medical attention, so the agents helped Glen load the 1-year-old sea lion and the 6- to 8-week-old seal to Glenn's vehicle, which brought them to the Sea World Beached Animal Facility, where they are being treated for dehydration. Both of them are expected to be released back into the wild, officials said.