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Another Tuition Increase for UC Students?



    Another Tuition Increase for UC Students?
    UCSD's Geisel Library

    The University of California is weighing whether to charge its students higher fees for attending its more popular campuses including the UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego.

    The UC systems Board of Regents is looking at making the change as a result of budget cuts, which has forced the university-system to increase tuition, layoff staff and cut class offerings, the Los Angeles Times reports.

    Proponents argue the change would help cure the system's budget deficit and say the 10-campuses could share the increased revenue, the LA Times said. However, opponents say it would change the nature of the university making it an elitist system.

    The regents have already voted to raise undergraduate school tuition by eight percent for the coming school year. Each campus can already charge varying fees for things like room and board, health center fees, and other school fees, which can bring the total costs to more than $27,000 per year depending on the campus. The system’s graduate and professional schools can already charge varying fees with approval from the Board of Regents.

    Many public university systems across the country already charge higher tuition rates for its more popular campuses like the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.