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Accused Fake Cop Arrested Again



    Accused Fake Cop Arrested Again

    A man already accused of impersonating an officer, making traffic stops in Chula Vista, felony child endangerment and domestic violence has been rearrested on new charges while free on bail.

    Kevin Alan Kenniston, 41, was arrested at 10 a.m. Monday for multiple criminal violations, including violation of a temporary restraining order, committing a crime while out on bail and stalking his ex-girlfriend.

    Kenniston was out on $100,000 bail for charges of false imprisonment, impersonating a police officer and domestic violence.

    Police say the suspect’s ex-girlfriend said she recognized Kenniston's jeep parked on Friday near a jogging path she frequents in Chula Vista. Later that evening, she says she received a phone call from Kenniston.

    Fake Cop Car Necessary for Job: Defense

    [DGO] Fake Cop Car Necessary for Job: Defense
    Kevin Alan Kenniston, 41, was arrested Monday for allegedly impersonating an officer. His defense attorney said the car painted to look like a police vehicle was necessary for Kenniston's job.
    (Published Thursday, April 7, 2011)

    Then on Saturday, she claims Kenniston followed her into the Ralph's parking at 659 East Palomar, Chula Vista.

    “Kenniston attempted personal dialogue with the victim,” said Lt. Lon Turner.

    The suspect left and the alleged victim called police.

    Neighbors Thought He Was a Legit Cop

    [DGO] Neighbors Thought He Was a Legit Cop
    Kevin Kenniston always parked what looked like a police cruiser in his driveway according to neighbors. The problem? Kenniston isn't an officer.
    (Published Tuesday, April 5, 2011)

    Later that evening, police tried to arrest Kenniston inside his home on Engleman Court.

    “However Kenniston fled the rear of the residence and was not apprehended,” said Lt. Turner.

    Police were called to the ex-girlfriend's home in northern Chula Vista on Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

    “After her 11 year old daughter frantically reported, Kenniston was attempting to enter the home by jiggling the door,” said Lt. Turner.

    The suspect fled before officers arrived at the home.

    Kenniston was arrested Monday near Sprinter Lane and Corral Canyon in Bonita.

    The suspect is also accused of conducting three traffic stops while driving a Ford Crown Victoria equipped with emergency lights and a siren, according to police.

    In one of the cases, police say Kenniston confronted a woman about ‘running a red light and almost running into him,’ said Capt. Gary Ficacci. He allegedly drove off when a uniformed patrol unit pulled into the area, according to police.

    The driver told police she thought Kenniston was a real police officer.

    On two other occasions, police say Kenniston conducted traffic stops while dropping his girlfriend's daughter off at a Chula Vista elementary school.

    “He used his emergency lights and PA system to confront another female who was parked near an alleged red/yellow zone,” said Capt. Ficacci. “When the female ignored him, he blocked her car and demanded her license, registration, and insurance.”

    On another occasion, the girl was still in the car, police said.

    However, Kenniston’s defense lawyer claims the defendant was doing his job and not pretending to be a cop.

    Marc Carlos says Kenniston owns a funeral escort business and claims any contact he had with individual citizens was as a citizen himself.

    Kenniston also pleaded not guilty to an unrelated domestic violence case earlier this month.

    He has a long criminal history dating back to 1989. He has been in and out of prison several times for DUI, burglary and car theft, according to court documents.

    Kenniston was charged with at least a dozen crimes in San Diego County, including East County and South Bay and convicted of at least ten of those crimes.