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The impact of California's drought on San Diego County

6 Local Water Districts Fall Short on Conservation Goals

Overall, California's water use dropped 27 percent in June compared to the year before



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    Six San Diego County water districts fell short of the water conservation goals for June -- some by a wide margin -- while 14 others met or exceeded their objectives.

    The State Water Resources Control Board released data Thursday to show how each district across California measured up to mandatory conservation targets that took effect in June. Together, the state’s water use dropped 27 percent that month, compared to June 2013. The result exceeded Gov. Jerry Brown’s statewide goal of 25 percent conservation.

    However, some local districts have much more conserving to do. The Fallbrook Public Utility District, which had a conservation goal of 36 percent, only dropped its water use by 8.6 percent, compared to 2013 numbers.

    The Rainbow Municipal Water District reduced its use by 20.7 percent, though its target was 36 percent, and the San Dieguito Water District fell short of its goal of 28 percent, instead conserving 18.1 percent of its water.

    Other misses were smaller. The Carlsbad Municipal Water District was short by 3 percent, the Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District by 2 percent, and the Valley Center Municipal Water District by 2 percent.

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    Local districts not listed by the water control board include Del Mar, South Bay Irrigation, National City and Yuima Municipal Water District.

    Across the state, cities and communities must cut their water use by 8 to 36 percent, depending on their water use before Brown declared a drought emergency in 2014.

    Seventeen districts in the state fell short of their targets the first month.

    The city of San Diego more than exceeded its 16 percent goal, reaching 24.3 percent savings.