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5 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Pet

NBC 7 is holding our 'Clear the Shelters' event: here is what you need to know ahead of time

In honor of the NBC 7 'Clear the Shelters' event on August 18, we're giving you adoption facts that you can use. 

Bringing a dog, cat, or another animal into your home is a big responsibility. The County of San Diego Animal Services said there are five things you should know before adopting a pet. 

1. Adopt kittens in pairs 

Puppies can be adopted by themselves but Dan DeSousa of the Department of Animal Services said kittens are best with a friend. 

"Two kittens will play with each other and keep themselves occupied," said DeSousa. "It also helps them socialize and become a better kitten overall because they will learn from each other." 

2. Many pets are illegal to own in California 

Did you know you can't have a gerbil in this state? Ferrets, sugar gliders and hedgehogs are also illegal in California. 

"We had a case in Ocean Beach where we had 11 hedgehogs come in," said DeSousa. "We couldn't adopt them out here in San Diego, so we sent them to a rescue group in Arizona." 

3. Dog breed doesn't determine temperament 

DeSousa said claiming that a certain breed of dog is aggressive is simply false. 

"We do not stereotype a breed of dog just like we shouldn't stereotype people," said DeSousa. "A dog is a dog. Each dog will act differently to circumstances." 

4. You can adopt livestock through the county 

Horses and cows have been adopted from the county shelter before. Right now in their Bonita location, they have a rooster that needs a good home. 

"You can actually train a rooster and train a hen to do certain things," said DeSousa. "They can make good pets." 

5. Never declaw your cat 

The process of removing your cat's nails when they are clawing at furniture or people is something Animal Services advises against. 

"Declawing a cat is a very painful process," said DeSousa. "There are some cities that have outlawed it." 

DeSousa recommends buying a scratching post. There is also a product called 'Softy Paws' that you can put over your cat's claws so that they can't scratch the furniture. 

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