36 Officers Bust 1 Man With RV Meth Lab in Oceanside

One man is in jail after more than 30 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies teamed together to take down a suspected meth lab in Oceanside.

Officers from the Oceanside Police Department's SWAT, Special Enforcement and Narcotics Task Force teams worked together with the Drug Enforcement Administration, County Hazmat and the San Diego Fire Department to execute a search warrant on a 17-acre property housing an RV drug cook, according to Oceanside police.

Because authorities had reason to believe there was a working lab on the property, the execution of the search warrant required extra precautions, they said.

All 17 acres were searched by 36 law enforcement officers and Clandestine Lab-trained officers entered the RV containing the meth lab and secured it, according to a release.

More than four ounces of "freshly manufactured" methamphetamine was seized, as well as a number of other chemicals, including a high pressure cylinder filled with highly explosive hydrochloric gas.

Oceanside police said, "Due to the dangerous nature of the operation and its sheer geographical size," the use of three dozen officers and extra precautions were necessary.

The entire operation took seven hours to complete. Joesph Calcagno, 58, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession with intent to sell. The DEA seized some of the chemicals for evidence.

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