3 Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born at Safari Park - NBC 7 San Diego

3 Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born at Safari Park



    The San Diego Zoo Safari Park welcomed three Sumatran tiger cubs into the world on January 28.

    Mom Joanne gave birth to one male and two females making the Safari Park now home to ten Sumatran tigers.

    After their first wellness exam on February 16 the three cubs are thriving and being well cared for by their mom. Once the cubs are a little older visitors can see them at Tiger Trail.

    There are fewer than 350 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild. Scientists estimate the species could be extinct in its native Sumatra by 2020, unless measures are taken to protect and preserve it.

    From loss of habitat to poaching tigers continue to struggle in the wild. Poachers sell their body parts mostly for folk remedies.

    People can help protect wild tigers by avoiding products with non-sustainable palm oil, an industry that harms tiger habitat.

    Guests have the opportunity now to see Suka, the park’s 5-month-old Sumatran cub, inside Exhibit A at Tiger Trail.