NBC 7 Viewers, Staff Share Stories of Their Rescue Pets to Inspire Others to Adopt

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Cole Brzeczek
Mousse and Luci were adopted from the San Diego Humane Society by Cole Brzeczek. He said the two aren't brother and sister but "created an instant bond once we realized Mousse(orange) needed his sister, Luci!(black)... We couldn’t imagine a life without them!"
Kristin Valdivia
Meet Lily Potter! Kristin adopted her last year around the same time as Clear the Shelters from the Chula Vista animal shelter. She has been going to training at the shelter and has recently graduated her intermediate level course! She is on her way to becoming an emotional support dog.
Cheryl Gleghorn
Cheryl Gleghorn adopted Millie three years ago from the Chula Vista Animal Shelter. She is a pitbull & will be 11 years old in October. "We couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt an older dog. Millie is a laid back, go-with-the-flow, easy dog & she was already potty trained!"
NBC 7's Ramon Galindo and his rescue pup Dexter. Ramon takes Dexter on all his adventures; the two are best buds.
Christina Bravo
NBC 7's Digital Producer Christina Bravo rescued Meeko and Mara from the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. At first, they were skidding and Christina didn't think they would ever warm up to her. But months later, these two cuddle kitties wouldn't leave her side.
Suzanne Cooper
Suzanne Cooper and her family rescued Lucy from the San Diego Humane Society last February. "She is our joy! We take her just about everywhere with us."
Shellie Puls
Look at these little fluff balls! Trudy and Gidget are two of six kittens that Shellie Puls's husband rescued from a box left at a dumpster where he worked. The others are Spartacus, Gigi, Roxy and Stinky.
Mariah Block
Basher loves pizza and NBC 7 News Today, according to her foster parent Mariah Block. "My 10-month-old pup and I watch NBC every single morning," she says.
What a model! This is 1-year-old Emee. She was a rescue from El Centro. Claire got her as a baby and says she is the best!
Tammy Hanno
[EXTERNAL] Kelsey This is Kelsey :) Tammy Hanno adopted Kelsey from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas in June 2018. "She is the sweetest most lovable happy dog who loves to give kisses!"
MaryAnn Prall
MaryAnn Prall says she walked into a San Diego shelter five years ago and saw Angel. She adopted her and now Angel "is part of the fabric of my life. Everyone calls me the iguana whisperer now."
Look at little Olive! Olive was rescued with more than 90 others from a home in Poway in 2017. She was adopted by Kayla.
Michelle McKee
Michelle and Harry McKee adopted Sido the cockatiel from the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar in 2015. "She is a sweet little bird who loves strawberries, taking baths and head scritches."
Andrea Edmondson
Meet Thor, adopted by Andrea Edmondson and family! He seems to like naps.
Selena Alvarado
Meet NBC 7 Morning Producer Selena Alvarado and her new rescue pup, Chappie!
Selena Alvarado
Selena says, "When I rescued Chappie from the San Diego Humane Society, she was a shy little dog but now she’s full of energy and loves to give kisses! It’s amazing what a little love can do."
Barbara Bettencourt
Meet Mia! Barbara Bettencourt adopted this little one from the El Cajon Dog and Cat Rescue.
Matt Lewis
NBC 7 Producer Matt Lewis named his two rescue cats from the San Diego Humane Society after characters from the Marvel Universe. Meet Bucky and Cap!
Getty Images
Matt Lewis says of Bucky and Cap, "These brothers are 3-years-old. They like to whine and beg for food all day."
Beverly Fitzgerald
Beverly Fitzgerald wants to introduce us to Holle! She was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society, Escondido Campus. Here's what her loving owner had to say: "She was a senior dog that was found as a stray in San Marcos, fearful, extremely emaciated weighing only 34 lbs and had multiple health issues to boot. Today, she is 68 lbs, happy, healthy and confident.. and living the dream!"
Catherine Garcia
NBC 7 Anchor Catherine Garcia has two rescue cats from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. This is Lulu.
And this is Lulu's sister, Olive! Catherine says they were discovered abandoned up in the Inland Empire.
Paul Jennings
This is Kelani. Paul Jennings adopted her from the Humane Society at Oceanside. He says, she was abandoned by her owners and was severely underweight and sick. "Being a medical professional I was able to nurse her back to health and in the process help her gain 15 lbs of healthy weight. She is now a happy member of our family."
Sage Pierce
NBC 7's Sage Pierce rescued Luna two years ago and she's now 5 years old! Luna is also famous. Sage says, "Last summer she starred as Bruiser in New Village Arts’ musical, “Legally Blonde.”
Becky Stickney
NBC 7's Becky Stickney wants to introduce us to Rico! She says he's "an indoor cat but can still find 'the sun.'"
Scott Baird
Scott also has a rescue pup named Lillie. "Our dog Lillie is 11 and was adopted from the shelter in Chula Vista. She loves to do anything with her people, especially going for walks, car rides and playing ball. She loves to go camping with us. The picture from camping is her on her camping chair, she loves to watch all the critters run around and get dirty. She often sleeps with her head on a pillow, never seen that before with a dog."
Scott Baird
Meet NBC 7 Photojournalist Scott Baird's cat Gracie. "Our cat Gracie is now 15. We adopted her 11 years ago. She loves to zoom around the house and climb on one of her 5 cat houses, not spoiled at all. But her favorite thing to do is just lay in whatever patch of sun she can find in the house and nap. We are both very jealous of her for that. She also loves to lay in my wife’s lap, especially when my wife Deborah is trying to work on her computer. She’s still feisty in her older age, and the only people food she will eat are ice cream and milk."
Jorge and Carolina Ortiz-Rodriguez
Meet Zorya! This gorgeous mixed lab was adopted by Jorge and Carolina Ortiz-Rodriguez from the Bonita Shelter in 2017.
Chuck Westerhide
NBC 7 Assistant News Director Chuck Westerhide's daughter, Ellie, naps alongside their recue cat, Thor.
Lindsay Hood
NBC 7 Assignment Editor Lindsay Hood got her pup Little Bit from San Diego Humane’s North Campus. "She was brought in after someone found her as a puppy at a 7-Eleven in Vista. They thought she was a kitten. She had Parvo and mange.... She’s now 11 years old." Wow!
Becki Schildhouse
NBC 7 Sports Producer Becki Schildhouse and her rescue pup Elli, who brought her 11 years of joy. Becki says, "I adopted Elli from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. After three days of looking at nearly every animal shelter in San Diego, I turned the corner at HWAC and saw Elli, known as “Sweetie” at the time, and fell in love. We had 11 amazing years together and even though she’s been gone for four years, she’s still making my world a better place with all the memories she gave me."
Heide Sugawa
Heide Sugawa shared this photo of her niece Katrina with thier dog Kingsley. He was rescued in October of 2018, which the Sugawas say was the "Best day of our lives!"
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