2015 San Diego County Fair by the Numbers

Organizers say more than 1.5 million people attended the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar over the last month

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San Diego County Fair

The 2015 San Diego County Fair just wrapped up 25 days of fried food and fun and, judging by some newly-released stats, it lived up to its theme and was certainly a “Fair to Remember.”

According to a spokesperson for the fair, a total of 1,503,508 guests enjoyed the San Diego County Fair this season – pretty darn close to the record-breaking attendance set in 2012 with 1,517,508 fairgoers.

Friday, July 3 was a huge day for attendance with a total of 92,948 people coming through those fair gates. This made it the sixth highest single-day attendance in history. Organizers say the highest single-day mark was also on a Friday – July 3, 1998 – when 101,867 people went to the fair.

“A Fair to Remember” wrapped up on Sunday. This year’s theme celebrated fairs around the world and commemorated the centennial of the 1915 Panama – California Exposition held in Balboa Park.

Here’s how the fair shaped up this season, by the numbers:

  • 9,517 patrons attended the three-day 2015 San Diego International Beer Festival at the fair
  • 1,105 guests went to the Toast of the Coast Wine Competition and Festival at the fair
  • 985 people attended the new fair event, Distilled: San Diego Spirit & Cocktail Festival
  • Dixie’s Donuts fried more than 40,000 mini donuts for hungry fairgoers
  • More than 18,500 pounds of bacon was used by food vendor, Bacon-A-Fair. The stand served more than 1,600 orders of Deep-Fried Starbucks and also used 60 gallons of wasabi sauce for its new Wasabi Bacon Bombs dish
  • Chicken Charlie sold 3,000 Deep-Fried SlimFast Bars and 5,000 Deep-Fried Peanut Butter Pickles
  • Pink’s sold more than 4,160 pounds of hot dogs. That translates to 20,800 hot dogs, with 15 percent being “Martha Stewart Dogs,” 10 percent “Bam Dogs” and 5 percent the new “Jalapeno Dog”
  • Juicy’s sold more than 50,000 Turkey Legs
  • Corn Star grilled up 50,000 ears of corn
  • Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls used 20,000 pounds of whole wheat cinnamon roll mix, 4 tons of cinnamon and sugar and 500 gallons of cream cheese frosting
  • Australian Battered Potatoes used more than 14,000 pounds of potatoes, 8,400 pints of oil, 240 gallons of ranch dressing, 60 cases of cheese sauce, 200 pounds of bacon and 150 pounds of sour cream
  • Pignotti’s went through more than 1,000 pounds of shark for their combo plates, in addition to 7,200 fish tacos
  • Grinders used 10 cases of Brussels sprouts for the new Brussels Sprouts Sandwich, along with 250 pounds of cheese, 400 pounds of sweet pork, 300 pounds of roast beef, 600 pounds of turkey breast and more than 2,000 pounds of pastrami
  • Tasti Chips used 25 tons of California-grown potatoes for chips. The chips were topped with 17,000 orders of cheese sauce and 100 pounds of bacon. Tasti Chips also served 10,000 pounds of French Fries with 3,100 gallons of Heinz Ketchup and 720 gallons of Tapatio sauce. The chips and fries were fried in 1,000 gallons of 100% pure peanut oil
  • Biggie’s Meat Market cooked up 8,000 pounds of ground beef and 18,000 pounds of potatoes. They served 14,000 pounds of “Big Ribs,” (a 2-pound beef rib), “Big Chic on a Stick” (a 2-pound giant garlic herb marinated chicken breast) along with Biggy Burgers
  • 221 pies were consumed at the daily Pie Eating Contest – or 1,106 slices of pie
  • 260 pieces of bubble gum were chewed in the Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
  • 1,348 photos were taken with guests and the costumed mascot, Balboa
  • 5,460 people took the bungee plunge at the fair, while about 100 got cold feet at the top. The youngest jumper was 5, the oldest was 85

Fairwell, fair. We'll see you in 2016.

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