WATCH: NBC 7 Reporter Details Shocking Encounter With Suspect in 2020 Slaying of Carlsbad Hiker

Mere hours before the arrest, NBC 7's Alexis Rivas came face-to-face with the man now accused of Lisa Thorburg's murder. Minutes before their unforgettable conversation, NBC 7’s cameras were rolling when the suspect was spotted, shoeless and shirtless, in the park where the Thorburg hiked for the last time.

Lisa Thorburg was stabbed to death on a Carlsbad hiking trail in November 2020, and investigators spent weeks trying to track down a suspect and ease the minds of frightened neighbors.

No one could understand why a 68-year-old hiker would be targeted on a morning walk and neighbors pressed Carlsbad police for answers and updates amid their investigation.

About three weeks after the killing, NBC 7 investigative reporter Alexis Rivas took a trip to Hosp Grove Park to report on the ongoing investigation. She was searching for hikers and neighbors who'd want to share their thoughts when she came across a shirtless, shoeless boy.

She soon found out that the boy she spoke to was believed to be responsible for Thorburg's death. Now that the District Attorney has moved to try him as an adult, Alexis Rivas recounts their interaction.

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