State Confirms More Swine Flu Cases in County

There are now 14 cases of swine flu statewide, according to  California health authorities, who are investigating 17 others as probable cases.

Seven of the confirmed cases were in San Diego County and five were in Imperial County. Sacramento and San Bernardino counties had one each, according to Dr. Gil Chavez of the California Department of Public Health. He said state officials are investigating 17 probable cases in eight counties. Riverside County, with four, has the highest number of suspected swine flu cases.

In other news in San Diego County on Wednesday, officials at San Diego State University said the school could be shut down temporarily if a suspected case of swine flu is in fact the real deal.

A student went to health services Tuesday with a fever, cough and body aches and tested positive for type A influenza, according to officials.

”That is considered to be the first step in identifying whether or not they have swine flu," SDSU spokeswoman Gina Jacobs said.

So far this case has not been confirmed, but the school is working with the health department to take precautions.

If the student does in fact test positive for swine flu, the CDC recommends a seven-day shut down.  So far, officials say the County is not advising shut down – at least for now.

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