Natural Solutions to Being ‘Sleepless in San Diego'

Insomniacs can find relief in copper pillows to aroma rocks

If you are "Sleepless in San Diego" there are some natural solutions to help lull you into slumber.  San Diego beauty expert Stacy Cox says "ditch the fast-fix meds in favor of more healthier solutions."  For example, why not slip between some comfy  Bamboo Infused, eco-friendly sheets from  Bed Bath and Beyond . You can get some zzz's while saving the environment at the same time says Cox.

Another suggestion, Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus Aroma Room Rocks of acacia tree sap drenched in cedrus and lavender oils. They are meant to slowly diffuse into the air and create a sleepy time aroma . SkinGlow Cupron Copper Technology Standard Pillow Protector is described as having  natural deodorant properties that reduce odor-causing bacteria, fungus and microbes, and may even rejuvenate the look of skin.  There are also Low Blue Light Glasses or Light Bulbs , often used to treat sleep problems or insomnia that are available too. "Symptoms of sleep disorders plague more than 79% of us" says Cox so these are just some of the "crop of goodies to help increase our snooze control."

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