Milk, Bread and a Shot

Check outs and Check ups all under one roof.

Some North County shoppers are adding an interesting item to their grocery lists these days: a visit to the doctor.

The Palomar Pomerado Health District opened clinics in a pair of Albertsons stores about a year ago, but according to communications manager Andy Hoang, the offices are still being underutilized. 

"The average wait for most patients is about 10 minutes, max,” Hoang said.

The Albertsons stores are located in Escondido and Rancho Penasquitos. 

An added benefit to the "supermarket doctor's visit" is that the PPH ExpressCare Centers don't require insurance. Patients typically pay a flat fee of $59. Care providers offer treatment for everything from sore throats to sprained ankles.

As hospitals around the county look for ways to decrease emergency-room wait times, officials with Palomar Pomerado Health say they have found at least one option in the PPH ExpressCare centers. Now, they are just hoping more people will take advantage.

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