Bizarre Beauty


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From snake venom and snail secretion to caviar and gold, many unusual ingredients in cosmetics promise to lift, firm, hydrate, illuminate, even paralyze.

3Lab "M" Cream, which uses stems cells from a rare Swiss apple that are scientifically extracted and put into the products. This item is sold at Alexander's in La Jolla.

Sonya Dakar's UltraLuxe products, which use synthetic snake venom and is said to be the alternative to the indictable botox.  This is used at the spa at the Pacific Athletic Club in Carmel Valley

Skinscience Products, which use a synthetic molecule (spermine) found in all living organisms but first discovered in sperm. This product is made in Norway, and makers tell us it is not sold anywhere in San Diego yet.

Natureopathica's Green Tea Wasabi Mask uses wasabi. 

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