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Guys Aren't Into Drunk Girls

College co-eds have the wrong idea about getting guys



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    Hard to believe, but a recent study indicates that guys aren't really into girls who drink too much.

    So gals, imagine it's the weekend and you're primping to go out to the clubs and, maybe, meet a really cute guy ... or at least get a good buzz on.

    But, catch this. Results of a recent study indicate that, despite what you may be thinking, you should probably choose between the two.

    A study of college co-eds in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors found women 18 to 25 believe men view excessive drinking as a sexy trait, but they're wrong. Seventy-one percent of women overestimated how many cocktails men would like them to drink on any given occasion, according to the study, reported on in today's Sun-Times.

    "Guys don't want girls who drink a lot," said lead author Joseph LaBrie, of Loyola Marymount University.