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Help Fund the Cure for Alzheimer's



    Help Fund the Cure for Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's Disease -- It's a heartbreaking diagnosis not only for person who has it, but also for their family and friends who must stand by and slowly watch the person they know and love, fade away.

    Imagine awakening to your husband's screams. He's yelling at you to get away from him because he no longer recognizes who you are. He thinks you're a stranger out to harm him. Imagine looking at the woman who gave birth to you as she stares off into space, unaware of whom you are or that you are even in the room. These are common scenarios played out around the globe for Alzheimer's patients and their families.

    Fifty thousand people in San Diego County have Alzheimer's disease, which is the 3rd leading cause of death for adults in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Most Alzheimer's patients are cared for by family members. It robs people of their memories and their logic, while taking a huge emotional and financial toll on those they love.

    Thirty years ago in San Diego County, a small group of volunteers got together to support each other in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.  Anna Tucker started the first support group in Pacific Beach, while Luna Odland started a group in Escondido, both were caregivers for their husbands.

    Through donations, the Alzheimer's Association now sponsors 35 support groups throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. While the medical community works to find a cure. The Alzheimer's Association offers a slew of support services and education to patients and their families.

    On Friday June 3rd, the Alzheimer's Association presents its annual fundraiser "Our Bright Future."

    President Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer's Disease. His son Michael will be the special guest speaker. NBC San Diego is a sponsor of this event.  Susan Taylor and her husband are honorary co-chairs of the event.

    Join Susan, Mark Mullen and Jim Laslavic as they help raise money  to fight this hideous disease. You can even bid on one of a kind auction items including a private tour of the Reagan Ranch, tickets to Saturday Night Live, Ellen, and Jay Leno, as well as vacation homes in Bali, Cabo, Italy & Montana ! 

    For tickets, visit the Alzheimer's Association website.