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Shocking News: AstroPulse Marketer Headed to Prison



    Shocking News: AstroPulse Marketer Headed to Prison
    Have you seen murder suspect Vetal Bonhomme? Some folks in Westchester County are looking for him.

    The feds say James Folsom made $8 million from the AstroPulse and other devices.

    Folsom, 69, was sentenced Monday to 51 months in prison following his conviction on 26 felony counts relating to the sale of unapproved medical devices and for offenses committed after his initial arrest.

    Folsom was accused of selling more than 8,000 of the devices under the names of NatureTronics, BioSolutions, Energy Wellness and Global Wellness. He allegedly sold them to distributors for about $1,000 to $1,200, and to retail customers for nearly $2,000. Prosecutors said at trial that the devices were manufactured by Folsom and others in San Diego, and that he he failed to register the location with the Food and Drug Administration as a device manufacturing business.

    The devices themselves were also sold without FDA clearance, according to federal authorities.

    People suffering from AIDS, diabetes, strokes and ulcers were directed to use the electronic devices with specific settings, connecting them to the devices for specific run times for different medical conditions.

    Folsom was also ordered to pay a $250,000 fine.