San Diegan Hopes for Spot in Race for COVID Cure

San Diego resident Morgon Fraser, 35, is all-in on taking part of Moderna's Phase 3 COVID-19 trials at the UC San Diego School of Medicine

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From a Zoom birthday party for Morgon Fraser's 2-year-old niece to Mother's and Father's Day online -- celebrations from afar are, unfortunately, the  "new normal" for Fraser because of COVID-19.

"To be able to get the world moving forward again, yes, I'm all for it,” Fraser told NBC 7.

To do that, the 35-year-old San Diegan is all-in on becoming one of 500 locals taking part in Moderna's Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials at the UC San Diego School of Medicine.

On Tuesday, Fraser filled out the questionnaire and showed the completion screen to NBC 7.

When asked about her concerns with possibly being infected by a deadly virus during the trials, Fraser said, “Yeah, there's always going to be a little bit of hesitation. But if it’s not me, it's going to be someone else. You could say the same for getting in your car. Every time you get in your car, there's a chance you're going to get in a car accident. That doesn't keep millions of people off the road every day. And this virus is keeping millions of people off the road and out of work."

Morgon Fraser

In fact, 30 million Americans are unemployed and 150,000 have died in the U.S. because of the virus.

Doctors are hoping to recruit high-risk candidates to take part in the trial, people over 65 years old, frontline workers, minorities, and people with underlying health conditions.

Fraser took a hit from her inhaler to show us how she deals with asthma daily. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it’s one of the conditions that put people at high risk when it comes to COVID-19.

Fraser said she is ready to potentially risk her life to do her part against the deadly COVID-19 virus that's hit close to home.

“ Another friend of mine had a father test positive and ultimately ended up passing away," Fraser said. "The virus doesn't care who you are or how healthy you are; what age you are. You know, it's taking people's lives; if there is one more person who can be saved by the vaccine getting approved that much sooner, then I think it's the responsibility of any healthy-minded person willing to do it, to do their part. "

The virus doesn't care who you are or how healthy you are; what age you are.

Morgon Fraser, San Diego resident trying to volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine trials

NBC 7 reached out to UC San Diego School of Medicine for a comment, but because it was after-hours, they said they weren’t able to access information about how many people had applied or been accepted yet for the Phase 3 trial.

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