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‘FanimeCon' takes over downtown San Jose

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Comic and anime fans from all over the world are in downtown San Jose this weekend for “FanimeCon.”

FanimeCon is one of the biggest anime conventions in Northern California and it’s taking place this weekend at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

NBC Bay Area stopped by on Saturday as fans are dressed up as their favorite characters. Some people dressed as Deadpool, Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise, Solid Snake from the Metal Gear video game series and many more.

Fans get to attend events like video game contests, listening to famous Anime writers, voice actors and content creators speak and "make your own manga" workshops.

“Honestly, it's been great," said one FanimeCon attendee. "Like last few years, where COVID has hit, you have to wear masks, you'd have to have vaccine cards. It was very limited. But for the first time, I feel like this is how FanimeCon used to be and it's back to being good. So, I’m happy with it. I like it a lot."

At the end of each night, anime fans get to rave until 2 a.m. as DJs play some music.

The convention goes on until Monday.

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