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Managing multiple social networking sites can be so time consuming that some consider it a chore.

Solana Beach startup is trying to change that.

It's just 400 square feet with two small rooms, but employees at Chi.mp say their cubbyhole on South Cedros Avenue is a creative paradise, according to the North County Times.

Users of Chi.mp, which stands for Content Hub and Identity Management Platform, will get a free Web address to manage social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Now working with beta users, the company plans a public launch by early April.

Social networking sites help people keep in touch with friends and contacts, using text, photos, video and other material. But managing multiple sites can be time-consuming. Chi.mp offers one Web site to simplify keeping up.

Chi.mp gives users different levels of control over their information, Farrow said. Employers could see your resume, for example, but not your boisterous party photos. And, the company says, users will always own and control their information.

Some people in our San Diego News Now Facebook group said they will check out the new site.

"Anything to consolidate different sites would be very helpful," Robbie Pyke said.

"Some businesses I know will look to see if you party hard, and will not hire if you do. They are of course trying to weed out the slackers, and partiers, but there are plenty of us who have a work hard/party hard attitude, who don't let our play time interfere with our work," David Adams added.

Chris Leary questioned the need for the added privacy features.  "I don't understand how an employer can view your 'page' without you confirming his/her 'friend request'... Why would you 'friend' your boss anyway?" he asked.

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