Pop-Up Ad Explosion

How big is too big when it comes to pop-up and banner ads on your computer?

"I think the average web surfer clearly is going to notice the change in the size of these ads -- it's hard not to," San Diego State University marketing professor George Belch said. 

Belch said the competition for online advertisers is pressuring Internet sites to accept larger ads. 

"In many cases they're taking up a large section of the page," Belch said. "You kind of have to look for the article in some cases to find it."

Twenty-seven top Internet publishers are trying out the supersize ads to get the attention of Web surfers who have learned to ignore the banner ads, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Belch said the biggest growth area in advertising is online but that the click-through rate for Internet advertising is low. By increasing the size of the ads, advertisers are hoping to increase the number of clicks. Belch said it will also increase general awareness of the product that's being advertised even if it doesn't generate a click.

The trick is increasing awareness of the ads without annoying Web surfers to the point they will avoid the site or product altogether.

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