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Mark Cuban on Why He Refuses to Mentor People

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Many successful people — like CEO Eric Schmidt and late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs — have credited a business coach to helping them succeed. But billionaire Mark Cuban isn't a big proponent of hiring of a coach.

"Yeah, I'm not a big fan," Cuban said on the "Raising The Bar" podcast (with hosts Alli Webb, co-founder of Drybar, and Adrian Koehler, a leadership coach).

In fact, Cuban said he's never been a "big mentor guy" period.

"People always say, 'Will you mentor me?" And I'm like, 'Yeah, let me give you the value of mentorship — learn your s---,'" Cuban said.

Cuban views hiring a coach as a "shortcut," he said.

"That's not to say that mentors and coaches can't be of value," Cuban said. But overall Cuban thinks there is so much "hustle porn" and "coach porn" out there right now.

"There are people telling you, 'I'm going to make you rich' and 'I've got the solution' and 'I've got the answer,' when they have never really done it themselves," he added.

Instead, Cuban said he gets his advice and motivation through books. "I like to read," he said.

Cuban, 62, who is a father of three teenagers, said he also encourages his kids to consume as much information as they can as well. "I used to be all about pushing books towards people, now I'm all about pushing videos towards people because that's the way that Gen Z and millennials consume information," he said.

The bottom line, according to Cuban, is that you have to continue to learn if you want to increase your skill set and be better at what you do.

"Period. End of story. And if someone can get you there, that's great. I just think there are so many resources if you just take that initiative."

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