It Really Bugs Me When…

We want to know what your coworkers do that drives you crazy.

When you work with people eight hours a day, five days a week, it’s only natural that some people are going to bug you. did a survey of 2,600 hiring managers and asked for the top complaints they received from employees. Read story

We reached out to our facebook and twitter users to find out what bugs them, and apparently the topic hit a nerve. Here are some of the responses we received.

  1. When they put speakerphone on really loud and don't shut the door. Or they use speakerphone to listen to voicemails.
  2. When all they want to do is bs while you are trying to get work done. I have my back to you for a reason.
  3. Those who don't wash hands after using bathroom or just rinse with h2o/no soap!
  4. Hallway meetings or folks with an office who hold conference calls with the doors open on speakerphone.
  5. Oh man, where do I start? Talking/laughing too loudly, overuse of annoying business lingo... I could easily go on.
  6. Like when you ask for help and the fellow employee (insert name here) is rude and acts like your request is a huge inconvenience (but they're really not doing anything else).
  7. Employee puts you down and makes you feel stupid just to make themselves feel better.
  8. Cannot stand when my office-mate turns on all the fluorescent lights overhead. I do not need to get a tan while I am sitting at my desk... plus it saves energy keeping them off.
  9. Some employees have a tendency to abuse their so-called rights. HR... I stubbed my toe. HR... Someone looked at me cross-eyed. HR... I have nothing to complain about so I will make up something. HR = Human Resources.
  10. Hate it when people complain about being asked to do something that is not in their job description... whiners! Be a team player.

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