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Wallet Returned To Man After 63 Years

Discovered under his old middle school bleachers among other relics



    Wallet Returned To Man After 63 Years
    Lost wallets rarely turn up, but Bill Fulton got his back decades later.

    We've all lost our wallet at one time or another, but probably not for 63 years.

    Bill Fulton was just 15 when he dropped his billfold behind the bleachers of his Oregon middle school gymnasium, where it sat undisturbed until workers discovered it two weeks ago, according to the Baker City Herald.

    When a school secretary arrived at his door with the leather billfold -- the zipper still working and the cowboy design still visible--Fulton, 78, couldn't believe his eyes.

    "Thank you, thank you so much," he said over and over again.

    Inside, he found his old Social Security Card and the bicycle license he was required to get for a pharmacy job delivering medicine.

    Where did all the time go?” Fulton said. “It’s hard to believe that the times have gone so fast.”

    He didn't remember losing the wallet, but recalls watching his high school basketball team play at Baker Middle School. There's a reason the wallet went undetected for so long: It got lodged between the seats and a brick wall, along with library books, sporting-event flyers and other items that comprised an accidental time capsule.

    Maintenance workers moved the bleachers, which hadn't budged since 1936 when the school first opened, as they began renovations.

    One worker passed the wallet off to school secretary Melanie Trindle, who looked up Fulton's new address and drove it to his home.

    "He never expected me to show up on his doorstep with that wallet,” Trindle said.

    While Fulton lives in the same town he grew up in, he did spend some time overseas during a five-year military stint that included service in the Korean War.

    Fulton is enjoying his trip down memory lane, but he has one gripe.

    "The only thing I was thinking back on and wasn’t in there was my student ID,” Fulton said. “I always had that with me."