10 Reasons to Be Excited About Comic-Con

Why San Diegans are excited for next week's Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con attendee Cher Delacy, dressed as a character from "Alice in Wonderland" talks on her cell phone at Comic-Con International Thursday, July 22, 2010 in San Diego.
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People watching is at an all-time high even when you're not inside the Convention Center.
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You can finally carry your lightsaber with you on the way to work or as you pick up your groceries. (Warning: this really applies only to the downtown area. Chances are if you try this out in Oceanside or Chula Vista people will stare at you.)
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The chance to update Facebook with cool pictures of celebrities. Sure, some celebs fly in, appear and then leave. Others though go out on the town. You never know who you might bump into.
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You don't need a Comic-Con badge to live out a childhood fantasy. Why not take advantage of the timing and show up to work in your best American Dream outfit?
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Inhibitions go out the door for some when Comic-Con arrives in town. Keep your camera phone handy, as one NBCSanDiego user did in 2009 when she spotted this duo heading to the Convention Center.
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If you're in the right place at the right time, you can get a first look at some upcoming movies like this crowd at a 2009 Twilight Fan Experience Screening at the Gaslamp Theater.
You can always check out the autograph section of the convention. You never know what stars from your childhood (or younger years) you may find there. See images from Comic-Con 2010 here.
Rosemary Bystrak
Studios do anything to promote their films. Often the reach of Comic-Con can be spotted around town, turning many downtown buildings into billboards.
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Free stuff. So much free stuff that you will wait in line to get a free bag to carry all your new free stuff. Who doesn't love free stuff?
Lindsay Hood
Of course, there's always a few folks offering free hugs outside Comic-Con. See images from Comic-Con 2010 here.
Brian Bostrom
At night, the Gaslamp nightclubs are often full of convention goers. The red carpet events and industry parties are everywhere.
We told you about the red carpets, right? Here, the cast of Glee poses at a Gaslamp party in 2010.
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