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The Year in Photos: A Retrospective

See photos of the major news stories from 2015

As 2015 nears a close, we take a look back at events that shaped the year.

Historic floods, paralyzing snowstorms and massive wildfires arose in an era of extreme weather amidst a historic end-of-year climate agreement between world nations. Major scientific discoveries were announced that could affect our understanding of life in the universe. Many took to the streets after tragedies to make their voices heard.

As a photo editor, it's a challenge to wrap up the year's news in pictures. There are many compelling events worth considering, and it's no joy to turn down amazing photographs of human triumph or slices of life from around the world in lieu of yet another vigil due to a terror attack or shooting.

However, one cannot talk about 2015 without mentioning some of the events shown here: the threat of global terrorism, mass shootings, and race and policing all dominated headlines and national debate throughout the year. While not an exhaustive account, we hope this retrospective reveals connections, shows a unique angle, and illuminates stories of new beginnings, falls from grace, and families looking for a better world to send their children into.