Yummy and Gluten-Free

After hundreds of hours of research, three years in the kitchen, and a lot of groundwork talking to people on wheat-free diets as well as to grocery stores and restaurants, Deanna Smith has launched Gluten Not Included Bakery in South Escondido.

Two weeks ago, Smith opened a 2,000-square-foot bakery/retail store/cafe in the Mohnacky Plaza at Escondido Boulevard and Brotherton Road.

Customers have been driving from as far as Chula Vista and Temecula to buy her products, and she can hardly keep up with the growing demand from stores that want to carry her product.

Last month, the bakery was delivering 50 loaves a week to its customers (including Major Market in Escondido, Seaside Market in Cardiff, Frazier Farms in Vista, Cream of the Crop and Boney's in Oceanside, Whole Foods in Hillcrest and the restaurants at the Aviara Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad), now it's up to 250 loaves a week, and climbing.

Find out more about Smith and what inspired her new business, in the full article in the North County Times.

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