WonderCon: OC Pop Culture-a-Rama

Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, and a host of special guests are already on the slate for the early-spring convention.

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL... is definitely and absolutely on the horizon, the same sort of horizon that, in a comic book or blockbuster film, might bear the vision of a shimmery spaceship or unusual alien moon. Horizons, in short, are important in the stories that fill our favorite television shows and movies and graphic novels, because, so often, the characters we love our gazing out into the distance, searching for what they'll soon face. But mavens of popular culture, and intricate storytelling, and fabulous costuming, and adventuresome cosplay only need gaze into the nearer horizon, and not quite as far as Comic-Con, to see another major happening: WonderCon, in Anaheim. Yep, this convention was formerly in San Francisco, and, indeed, it is in the Comic-Con International family. But calling it prep for the Julytime San Diego jamboree isn't nearly the whole story, given that WonderCon has long been on the colossal, cram-in-lots-of-cool-stuff side of things, as it should be, of course. It's been delivering all sorts of pop culture delights for three decades. The 2017 dates are...

MARCH 31 THROUGH APRIL 2, the list of special guests has filled out (hello to the legendary Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier), there shall be the beloved, gussy-up Masquerade, as is tradition, and oodles of vendors, too. If you need fresh comic books, new toys, new tees, new action figures, or to replace an old favorite (a book you loaned out to a pal and never got back), WonderCon has a way of having what fans are seeking. Badges are on sale, artist Michael Cho's retro-tastic t-shirt and cover art is live and the whole shebang is just a few weeks out. Have your room in Anaheim? This is, after all, right around spring break, when Disneyland Resort is humming. Best book what you have to book, then get to work on that Masquerade costume, the one you meant to start sewing in November. You have time, but go, go, go.

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