Victim's Family Helps Catch Hit And Run Suspect

Authorities arrested a man they say drove his truck into a bicyclist Tuesday evening along Alpine Boulevard, killing him.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Brian Pennings says he is "confident" the man arrested Thursday night, 44 year old Alpine resident Travis Weber, is the driver who ran into 30 year old Eddie Costa.

Weber's truck has been taken to CHP headquarters in El Cajon, where investigators say they hope to match it with evidence left at the scene.

It appears the victim's family helped take Weber into custody.  Cousin Joseph Costa had gathered at the Liar's Club bar on Alpine Road, just across the street from the accident scene, for a candlelight vigil Thursday night.  Several people say they noticed a man drive into the bar parking lot in a truck matching a description authorities put together after reviewing surveillance video.  They notified Sheriff's deputies at a substation just across the street, and say they watched as the truck's driver was taken away from inside the bar in handcuffs.

"I was staring in his eyes as they were taking him away and I was just looking right through him.  For him to come here, and park in the back I don't think he was in his right mind.  I honestly don't think he was in his right mind when he took Eddie's life and I just don't know that he has a glimpse what our reality is like," said the victim's cousin Joseph Costa.

"Rest assured we're going to be able to celebrate a little bit more knowing that the person that took a beautiful man's life will be brought to justice, and I believe in the lord and his way and this gentleman will pay," Costa added.

Costa leaves behind his wife of eleven months, and two young sons.

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