The Living Desert’s New Total Adventure Package

Enjoy "several unlimited adventures throughout the (Palm Desert) zoo."

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MOJAVE MAXINE, the famous snoozin' desert tortoise who calls The Living Desert home, may be catching her z's at the moment, thanks to her annual hibernation (which, yes, is called "brumation" when it involves a cold-blooded beastie). But that doesn't mean fans of The Living Desert want to take a nap, not when there are so many fabulous critters to admire, and trails to hike, and activities to get involved with at the Palm Desert animal park. Winter is high time for a visit, thanks to longer hours at The Living Desert, and, yes, its famous trails staying open (they do close in the hotter weather of summer). True, Mojave Maxine is tucked up in her burrow, awaiting her spring-predicting exit, which has been arriving around the second week in February, so you won't get to say "howdy" to her. But there's so much to do, and there's a new package for people who want to enjoy the full beastly beautiful breadth of The Living Desert's offerings. It's called...

THE TOTAL ADVENTURE PACKAGE, and it is an additional $17.95 after you purchase admission. "All attractions bundled into one affordable price!" is the rallying cry, and that is some truth right there, for you'll get to participate in a giraffe feeding, and visit with the lorikeets (those oh-so-colorful birds), and take a camel ride, and hop on the carousel, too. These are traditionally separate tickets, apart from admission to the park, so to have them all bundled up and ready to roll is perfect for the person who wants to really embrace all that is going on around the picturesque grounds. For more details on the package, click. To see all of the events fluttering and flapping at the desert favorite, like Park After Dark, click again.

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