Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars


The Star Wars saga lived on at Comic-Con on Friday, with fans dressing up as their favorite characters from the series.

There were some very elaborate costumes, many of them very expensive. So why do people go to these great lengths to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character? For some, Comic-Con and dressing up allows them to do things they normally wouldn't.

"That's probably why I like to wear it," said Bakersfield resident Bridget Parks, who was dressed in a revealing Princess Leia costume. "Because I'm usually kind of conservative and ..."

The Princess Leia costume was one of the crowd favorites on Friday, with several women attired in the same way, and the men appreciated it.
Elsewhere, there were Jedi, Storm Troopers and a Sandperson, among others. Even though it's been years since a film was released, the spirit of Star Wars lives on its fans. However, Boba Fett-style costumes are growing in popularity. One woman said the character's culture reflects some of her beliefs in life.

"It's a really cool culture," said Jennifer Esquenazi, who came down from Los Angeles for Comic-Con. "Female and male are always the same as mercenaries, and we can still be tough and shoot people. It's really fun; the people are really cool [at Comic-Con.]"

Comic-Con is just getting warmed up, with full days planned again for Saturday and Sunday at the convention center and environs.


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