Split or Commit for Summer?

Summertime is filled with opportunities for dating and finding love in San Diego.  Our media partner DiscoverSD.com has got your back.

If you are on the fence about the current level of commitment with your partner, we recommend you do a little spring cleaning to determine whether you should move forward, or avoid bringing that sand to the beach this summer!

From measuring your PDA to future compatibility tests and the great texting debate, San Diego Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine shares her tips for spring cleaning this season.

  • Do they typically only make week-night plans with you? Then beware!
  • Are you only attracted to them conditionally? Do you often find yourself critiquing your love interest’s hair, outfits, mannerisms, or overall appearance - secretly wishing they would make certain improvements? If this is you, you may want to do this person a favor and cut them loose before summer.
  • Are you interested in getting to know their friends, family, and interests - or do you not really care? If not, it means you don’t see them as long-term potential.
  • Check your compatibility. Make a list of all the qualities and traits you must have in a long-term partner. Now (without rationalizing) how does your current partner match up?
  • Would you rather be out on the town with your girls (or boys) as a solo rather than bringing along your date? If you consistently prefer hanging out with your buddies more than your partner or you feel like they hold you back when you’re out, then you just don’t feel strongly enough about them to pull you through summer.
  • Does your new love interest typically text you to ask you out instead of calling you? C’mon, if this person is that lazy or wimpy that they need to hide behind texting and can’t just pick up a phone to call you, just think of what the future holds for you!
  • Do you have a lot of fun trips and activities planned with your friends over summer that have potential for meeting other singles? If so, you may want to post-pone that “Commitment Talk” until after the break so you aren’t tied down in the face of opportunities.

For the rest of DeAnna Lorraine's tips read DiscoverSD.com's article "Spring Cleaning - Split or Commit for Summer?"

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