Sneak Peek at a Better Season?

At the "Heroes" panel at Comic-Con, the fans wanted one thing: A sneak peek at a better season. And based on the preview they showed, they might get their wish.

It's no secret that the show has gone off the tracks since the stellar first season. Writers have come and gone. Arcs have started strongly and ended weakly. But now, the gang wants to redeem themselves and after seeing a peek at what's going on next season, they might be on their way.

The latest arc is called "Redemption" and catches up to the "Heroes" a few weeks after the shocking season finale. 

The panel had creator Tim Kring, Jack Coleman (HRG), Masi Oka (Hiro), Hayden Paniterre (Claire), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan), Zachary Quinto (Sylar). Four new characters from the "Redemption" arc were also introduced including "Star Wars" veteran Ray Park and Robert Knepper (best known to fans at T-Bag from Fox's Prison Break).

In the new arc (spoiler alert) it catches up to the Heroes as they try to resume their old lives. Claire is headed off to college, while Peter returns to being a paramedic. HRG is trying to start a new version of the Company and Hiro is fighting a terminal illness. Sylar has been convinced that he's now Nathan Petrelli and is slowly fighting the hypnotic suggestion of who he is.

Meanwhile, there are some new Heroes in town and they are hiding in plane sight as part of a traveling carnival. Their mission is unclear, but one thing for sure, it's going to means some trouble for our gang. 

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