Shopping in Secret: Don't Let a Recession Stop You

Money is tight but we still must shop. For some people, it’s as necessary as sleeping or showering. So how do you keep your evil little secret from the one balancing the budget every week? We asked around and got a few tips:

  • Bring a red pen with you while shopping and just mark that tag with your own price point. If Honey checks it, he’ll think you are a real bargain shopper.
  • Save up the money  you get in loose change so Honey won’t notice, and spend that money on something you know would not be sanctioned.
  • Spending too much on the weekends? Pack lunch for a week. Honey won’t know what hurt him.
  • Take all those medical insurance reimbursement checks and put them into a separate account to use as mad money.
  • Quickly clip off the price tags as soon as the item comes in and hang it in the closet. Honey doesn’t have an up-to-date inventory of what you own.
  • Don't forget the bags! Don't put them in the trash but in the dumpster outside the building.
  • Oldie but a goodie: Hide bags inside one another helps minimize the amount coming into the house.
  • Use cash only.
  • Leave the evidence in the trunk until the coast is clear.
  • "This thing? My mom bought it for me" -- works like a charm.
  • Variation: "No it's not new -- you never pay attention to what I'm wearing!"

Got one to share? Add your tip in the comments below.

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