Sharp Pencils

A flattering favorite shuns tradition.


HUE WANT IT: The classic pencil skirt comes in neutral colors, but even the most conservative lady can find room for bolder shades. The Perfect Pencil Skirt at J.Crew ($118) is shapely and dazzling in four jewel-tone colors (available in black and grey as well).

GOOD PONTE: Vertical lines add even more length and slimness to these knee-length wonders. The Faux Denim Ponte Pencil Skirt at Arden B. ($38) adds black side panels to this dark denim-ish frock, and a hook-and-eye closure belt for extra-sexy detail.

BIG PRINT: A print well help your pencil skirt stand alone, or look surprising under layers. The Express High-Waist Pencil Skirt in Violet Waves ($30) looks splashy and modern in a big bright print, and the high-waist highlights the curve from the waist to the hips.

PETAL PUSHERS: Layers and drapes adorn this season's newest pencil styles. Take the soft, sexy BR Monogram Petal Pencil Skirt ($85) from Banana Republic in Del Mar Plaza looks equally sweet at work and at lunch with the girls.

ZING THING: American Apparel combines reserved and rave styles with its Shiny Pencil Skirt ($40) in gold. Whether it's a pencil skirt turned up or lame toned down, the combination is something that can't be ignored.

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