My Social Calendar is Filling Up Fast

Hanging with the cool kids can be exhausting, and keeping up with social media continues to be a tall order. From my column this week at Inman News:

My social network has taken on a life of its own. It no longer needs me… Let’s review. John modifies the Web site, the Web site calls Twitter, and Twitter puts in an order to Facebook, all while I am at a listing appointment, blissfully unaware that I am at this very moment a maniacal networking genius.

If you are like Steve and have yet to accessorize your wardrobe with this season’s must haves, Twitter, Facebook, Brightkite, LinkedIn, and the hundreds of other social opportunities compliments of the Web, all of this means nothing to you. But, take it from me. Social media offerings are starting to feel like a crazy Friday night with too many parties going on. I find myself approaching sensory overload. Some days I think it would be more efficient to just drive to Austin or Phoenix and deliver my message in person. There would be no need for me to worry about updating my profile picture if I was standing on your front porch.

Social networking is the future, we are told. It will supplant the more familiar ways of communicating and doing business, many argue. I am starting to wonder. Maybe I should start a Facebook group so we can all debate the point.


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