San Diego Zoo: Now Just a Click Away


The World Famous San Diego Zoo is now going world wide-- web, that is.

The zoo is now viewable through Google Map's Street View, a feature which allows users to  catch a glimpse of the streets from ground level.  This is a first for Google, as the zoo has become the first animal park to accessible through this feature. However, this is not a first for San Diego, as other attractions have also become available through street view, including SeaWorld, Legoland and San Diego State University.

To check out this new feature, visit Google Maps and enter "San Diego Zoo." A green arrow should appear on the map, along with information about the zoo. Then click on "Street View." Congratulations-- you've made it!

While street view does not offer the option for visitors to seek specific locations through one click, visitors can navigate the park as if they were taking a stroll. Animals spotted along the way include elephants and giraffes.

Google created the feature using a Trike, a tricycle mounted with cameras and GPS equipment.

"Zoos are a perfect example of unique, fun and educational places that may not be included on a traditional map, and we're delighted to welcome the San Diego Zoo into Street View. We hope all their visitors, prospective visitors, and animal lovers around the world will have fun exploring this new imagery," Trike creator Dan Ratner said.

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