Red Sox Sniffing Around the Padres Only Star

Adrian Gonzalez deal for Red Sox ace Clay Buchholz could be trade Padres want

The Red Sox are sniffing around Adrian Gonzalez, looking to deal for the All Star, according to the boys at

It's a huge moment for Padres General Manager Kevin Towers, too. The Padres are looking for a motherlode offer, according to 619Sport's Craig Elsten. Towers knows that if he trades the Friars' first basemen for three or four guys who aren't going to show up at the park right away, the fans will revolt -- the few that are still showing up, won't, Elsten said, adding that, to a lot of fans, it would be a sign of an organization giving up.

If the Red Sox were willing to trade pitcher Clay Buchholz, however, and a couple other players -- that could almost add up to being a trade worth Adrian. Towers is at his best when he is making a trade out of a position of strength, Elsten said, but when he is under financial pressure or is moving a guy because he has to, he doesn't tend to make very good trades.

With Adrian, though, Towers is under no such pressure, so, in theory, Towers could get top value and make a trade that could turn the Padres around, Elsten said.


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