Pass or Fail: Habs barber poles; Wranglers' Blagojevich jerseys

When we receive about a dozen requests for a "pass/fail" on the same jersey, chances are we're dealing with a divisive fashion choice. In their loss to the Boston Bruins yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens continued their centennial celebration by donning these retro jerseys that honored the 1912-1913 team from the National Hockey Association.

The narrow red, white and blue horizontal bands on this barber pole-looking sweater surround a logo with the letters "CAC," which stand for "Club Ahletique Canadien."

The jerseys can be viewed in action on the game highlights. Sure, they look like men's beachwear from the 1800s. Yes, they less resemble a hockey sweater than something you'd lick in the Wonka factory. But forget, for a moment, that the Canadiens already have an iconic sweater they wear every game -- pretend this was the only jersey they skate out in. Isn't this look even a little bit awesome? Wouldn't this be just as iconic? Or is it better left in an era without the benefit of digital television?

Meanwhile, the much anticipated "Gov. Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night" finally happened on Friday, in which the Las Vegas Wranglers (prison uniforms) and the Bakersfield Condors (Department of Corrections uniforms) of the ECHL honored the besieged former Illinois governor. From Puck Daddy reader 'Puck It Dano' comes this video glimpse of the minor league malarkey (not sure what's going on with the soundtrack):

So, with all of these sights and sounds ...

1. Pass or Fail: The Montreal Canadiens 1912-13 "barber pole" retro jerseys?
2. Pass or Fail: The Las Vegas Wranglers and Bakersfield Condors prison-wear in honor of Rod Blagojevich?

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