Owning the glow puck and introducing the 360-degree camera

The online auction website eBay has always been a goldmine for various random sporting-related goodies. Recall Wyshynski's find of an Anaheim Bulldog RHI championship ring of a few weeks ago.

Today, you have the opportunity to own an infamous piece of National Hockey League history. David Arnott of the Sporting News found one of the most hated innovations in hockey television history available for purchase.

That's right, you can own your very own FOXTrax glow puck!

Bring back the days of the comet tail and relive those oh so fond memories of the NHL on Fox (hockey robots!). Bids are currently until $10 with the auction ending on Sunday. 

On the topic of hockey on television, Steve Lepore of Puck the Media, came across a Globe & Mail article which introduces us to a possible wave of the future in broadcasting the NHL on television: Matrix style cameras.

Four years later, the finished product, called VantEDGE, consists of 40 robotic cameras that circle the upper perimeter of an arena. Brown's software pulls together the video to produce a turning, 360-degree overhead shot.

Here's video evidence of what things could look like if Keanu Reeves took over Sr. Vice President of NHL Broadcasting John Shannon's job.

William Houston brings up an interesting point in the G&M article: This kind of technology would allow referees to view controversial plays from numerous angles, thereby reducing the amount of blown calls seen during a season. 

It would also allow you to view Scott Hartnell's continued stupidity (video) on ice and epic shootout fails from any angle you want.

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