OK, so maybe the NHL is actually in bed with the Penguins

The blog Coram Deo published the above image today, purportedly showing Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby engaging in some pillow talk with the Stanley Cup.

Not to get all photo detective-y here, but that would be the new logo on the bottom of the Cup; and the white shirt would appear to match the one Crosby was wearing in the infamous Mario Pool Party images we're still receiving over email every hour on the hour (stop!).

Much like those images, this one's already viral today (we saw it first Tweeted by NHL Digest this afternoon). Too bad no one snapped the subsequent photo of the Stanley Cup realizing those weren't two pillows ...

It's going to be an interesting summer as the Penguins travel with the Cup; too many good cell phone cameras and Web savvy fans to not have candid shots all over the place. So if you see Brooks Orpik using the Cup as a weapon in a street fight, hit us on email ...

But for now: Sleep soundly, sweet prince. Dream of 2010 NHL Award nominations and championship celebrations without the burden of handshakes. Oh, and try not to kick your feet too much or you'll knock Mike Bolt off the edge of the bed.

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