Online Bargains One at a Time

Website offers temporary deals

Imagine walking through a mall and there's only one thing for sale, that's how Melissa Ingram's website works.  The founder of said it's all about the here and now.  "It's only one style of clothing that comes up every hour.  You never know what you are going to see, never know what you are going to miss," said Ingram.

The website is what's called an ODAT or "One Deal at a Time" site.  A similar site, sells a variety of items in the same manner, one at a time.  But Red Tag Crazy only deals in women's fashion.  Most sale items only last for one hour.  You can see how many are available and how long you have to buy them.

"So it's a pair or jeans one hour, a shirt one hour, a tank top one hour and maybe a skirt," said Ingram.  The San Marcos business rotates the items 24 hours a day.  If an item sells out, it's never seen again.  If it doesn't sell out it will pop up again, but you never know when.  "That's the whole point that people stick around for hours waiting to see so they don't miss it."

Melissa Ingram purchases the items herself and stores them in the companies warehouse.  They are photographed, put on the website and shipped out, all from the same location.  Lables include Lucky, Paige Premium Denim, LinQ, Rich and Skinny and more.

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